Working closely with DOP Santiago Gonzalez, I provided VFX supervision, on set compositing, and alignment as we captured 360 degree views of the pro skaters mid-trick.  

The team designed a custom 180-degree rig made up of speed rail and nearly two dozen GoPro Hero3+’s.  Two build days later, we perfected the exact angles and wireless triggering set up and were ready to shoot with all 22 cameras.

To keep the look of the film minimal and clean, the goal was to capture the movement of each skater as they did their ‘tre’ flips on a white background. A 100-foot wide cyc was required to give space for the skaters to build up speed for their tricks and to properly execute the GoPro rig.

The 360-degree view from each skater was achieved by having them repeat their trick from each side of the frame and then stitching both runs together. A second RED Epic running on 60 feet of dolly track caught the action through the entire trick.

A film by Poppy Gordon and Nathan Avila